Faux is a French term meaning “false”. Highly sought after by Kings, rulers, authoritarians, royalty and wealthy patrons dating back over 5,000 years, artist have used the decorative artistry of faux finishing. The objective is to fool the viewer into believing a surface is something its not. To replicate materials such as wood, marble, stone, textiles and organic materials. With the purpose of changing the appearance, makeup or color of the original. Faux finishing can be applied to just about anything, from wall finishing to the smallest accessories.

Surfaces that can be painted:
Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Floors, Fireplaces, Countertops, Furniture, Cabinetry, Fixtures and Accessories.

Types of finishes offered:
Wall Finishes: Antiquing, Metallics, Color Techniques (Washes/Sponging/Glazing/Ragging/Dragging/Stippling/Staining/Distressing)
Marble: Bonotti, Verde, Carrara, Imperador, Italian Fantasy
Stone: Travertine, Limestone, Slate, Sandstone, Cobblestone, Granite, Onyx
Manmade Materials: Metal, Brick, Concrete, Terracotta, Ceramic/Clay Tiles
Wood: Mahogany, Cherry, Pine, Cedar, Oak, Teak, Walnut, Burl Woods, Bamboo
Organic: Leather/Suede, Ivory, Tortoiseshell, Reptile Skins, Shagreen, Mother of Pearl
Textiles: Silk, Denim, Damask, Vellum, Velvet, Canvas, Parchment, Grasscloth, Wallpapers
Misc: Patterns, Geometric/Asymmetrical Shapes, Stripes, Chevrons

Popular projects:
Fireplaces faux finished to resemble wood, marble and stone.
Cabinetry and Furniture Painting. Shabby-Chic/Time-Worn Finishes/Patinas/Stain/Glaze/Finish Details/Ornamentation
Garage Doors/Doors painted to resemble wood or metal.
Walls and Ceilings producing Modern/contemporary to Old-World/vintage finishes.
Accessories such as light fixtures, chandeliers, sconces, candleholders, design and architectural accent pieces.

With the creative use of faux finishing endless possibilities are obtained producing realistic results. Giving facelifts to existing pieces, as well as changing a newly purchased item to fit the clients color scheme and decor that do not flow with the surrounding atmosphere. Skilled artists can change the ordinary into extraordinary. Adding beauty, interest and a special touch to one’s interior.


Fireplace Transformation


A fireplace is the room's center piece. With the use of Faux Finishing the changed look can become the main focal point. Most fireplaces come in a standard stark white finish. Looking unfinished and lifeless. WC can transform a boring fireplace into a work of art. Adding warmth and completion to a room.

Many different finishes can be obtained which include: Stone, Marble, Wood, Brick, Metallics and Painted Finishes with accent details. As well as the era which include: Contemporary -clean and simple to Old World -cracked, stained, worn and aged.

Extra Details: Most fireplaces have a metal frame around the opening and the standards come in black. This can be Faux Finished as well in any color. A popular look is a brass finish which blends well with the new finish. The inside can also be painted, preferably black with a speciality high heat paint to hide soot marks. Brick fireplaces can be whitewashed or tanned to remove the look of outdated red bricks. Engraved carvings can also be painted, using the artistry of Trompe L’Oeil(a French term meaning “To fool the eye”). This can create the illusion of 3Dimensional details/insets/carvings/rope edging that add an extra touch and interest to the newly finished fireplace.

Time Frame/Hassle-Free: Fireplace Finishes can be completed in 1-2 days and are a small fraction of the price a brand new one can cost. Installing a new fireplace includes demolition/removal of the old, creating dust, noise, inevitable damage to the surrounding wall..a huge mess! Not to mention demolition/hauling and purchase prices.

All fireplaces are sealed with 2 coats of varnish so any mishaps or stains can easily be wiped off. In case of major damage WC can patch, repair and re-faux the area.

~No need to replace and spend a small fortune when painting an existing fireplace can produce a gorgeous outcome!


Creating a Dream Bedroom for your Child

Hand painted murals for kids' rooms have always been highly sought after. WC can help you design the perfect look, one that creates a lifetime childhood memory. The finished result is a custom, distinct look for their personal space, ~his or hers very own safe haven! Murals are not only fun, they inspire, encourage imagination and stir up creativity.

From wall finishes to patterns, sport themes to princess, superheroes, nature, favorite movie/cartoon characters and more. WC can produce any and all styles/themes, big or small, simple accents or head to toe/floor to ceiling. Styles can be cartoonish, basic line art graphics, realism to surrealism. Children's murals are for all ages, nursery to teen.

We use only kid safe, VOC-free, high durable paint. Paint that is easily washable, and can take on the wear and tear over the years. If any damage does occur WC can easily repair.

Murals can open up spaces, creating depth. Fooling the eye and changing the architecture of one’s room. Or simple eye-popping graphics that make a statement. The sky really is the limit of what can be achieved.
~all done with just paint!


Design Process -Start to Finish

1. Contact and setup meeting to discuss project between Artist and Client(and/or with Designer).

2. Discussion involves: The desired outcome, theme, style, colors to be used, size and project area, number of days for completion. Photos and measurements will be taken for accurate bidding. (Any references the Client can provide from magazines, photos or internet links of similar aspired projects/looks are encouraged. This will help achieve the Client’s vision via the Artist's brush).

3. The Artist will review all discussed topics listed above and a proposal will then be given.

4. If the proposal is accepted and work is to proceed, a starting date will be agreed upon. Samples for Finishes will then be created. For Murals and Decorative Art Projects black and white sketches will be rendered. Upon approval a computerized color version will then be submitted for acceptance.

5. Now its time to paint! Modifications of design and color are normal and accepted. Any major modifications will require a separate invoice.

WC goes steps beyond, striving for 100% Client satisfaction. Working together we can create stunning Artwork that will be cherished for years to come!


Kirk Waterman -Autobiography

Born in 1968, raised in Mission Viejo, later moving to San Clemente and Dana Point. As a child I loved to draw and paint. At the age of 5 my parents enrolled me in private painting lessons with several different Art Teachers, which increasingly stirred my passion for art and creating.

As I grew older I fell in love with the ocean and surfing, which directed my artistic route. As a kid, during the summers I would work at Golden Pacific, my Dad's paint store. When I was a teen I worked for Dunn-Edwards filling orders, loading/unloading trucks, stocking inventory and mixing paint. Over the years I continued with private drawing/painting lessons. ~Looking back my hands have always been covered in paint!

After High School I worked in several different fields: Roofing, Pool Maintenance/Repair and Wine Sales. Never fulfilled I always knew I had to find a career as a Professional Artist. In 1990 I enrolled at Platt College in Irvine, Ca. graduating with top honors in Graphic Design and Computer Graphics. After graduation I worked for several years as a Freelance Artist for several different Surf Wear, Clothing Companies, Design Firms and Screen Printers designing T-Shirts, Logos, Company Branding and Web Art. Later working for Landscape Companies, creating Hardscape/Softscape plot plans for client and city approval.

In 1997 I was fortunate enough to work with a unique and talented European Muralist. What many would consider "A Modern Day Master". From him I was trained first hand at the elaborate recreations of Fresco Style Murals, Antiquing, Faux Finishing, Italian Renaissance/Victorian Architectural Detailing and the Decorative Artistry of Trompe L'Oeil. Techniques and skills that can be used to create extraordinary impressions of three-dimensional objects and scenery.

After completing 5 years of apprenticeship, I created my own company Waterman Creations. Specialized works which include: Murals, Decorative Painting, Faux Finishing, Trompe L'Oeil, Fine Art and Graphic Design. Working on a variety of unique and challenging surfaces, Commercial and Residential. With no two jobs alike, this allows my work to never become static and boring, always fresh.

My journey as an Artist is never-ending, I consider this just the beginning of an inspiring road ahead of me and look forward to the many new and exciting challenges I will experience in my future creations!